About Robin

Now in his 80's, Robin is still producing ceramics out of sheer pleasure and is making some of his finest pieces. The family are now directly promoting his work for sale, eliminating any inflation in cost as we offer to securely deliver Robin's products to you at the appraisal of the artist himself.

Our primary goal is to provide prompt deliveries and reliable contact as we help these exclusive artworks reach their new home. 
Looking in retrospect over Robin's career, the real marker of his   capacity for achievement can been found right from the offset of his career as a potter. At 15-years-old, situated as a student at Penzance School of Art, his breakfast set was selected for presenatation to Prince Charles in celebration of the school's 100th anniversary, signalling a bright future in the art and particularly ceramic world. Overtime Robin has used his potential to establish a solid reputation; teaching, lecturing, etc. whilst producing art all over the world. His dedication mirrors not only the extent of his output, after all, being a former paratrooper might inspire such persistance, but the experience and passion that inspires every artwork he creates. Travelling from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, to Germany and finally, England, where Robin was born and his home studio is located, there is a vast vareity of styles to be observed throughout his oeuvre. See Robin's summative history, achievements and videos below. 
A set of three vases, differing in their unitive style in comparison to the one-off and freely handcrafted studio pieces. Made 2015 for his exhibition entitled, 'Six Decades of Pots', at The Leach Pottery, St. Ives, Cornwall. 
1936    Born Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
1952    Studied at Nuneaton School of Art.
1953    Moved to Cornwall, studied at Penzance School, National Diploma
              in Art and Design. Worked at the Leach Pottery, St. Ives.  

1956    National Service followed by postgraduate studies at Central 
              School of Art, London Appointed as Technical Assistant.

1958    Part time work at Leach Pottery, resident in Cornwall. 

1960    Started his own workshop in London, began part-time teaching.

1961    Work accepted by the Council of Industrial Design.

1962    In Australia. Helpled Ian Sprague to establish a pottery workshop.
1965    Returned  to  England and established Stradbroke Pottery.
1976    Awarded CAC bursary. 
1979   Craftsman in residence, Victoria, Australia. 

1980    Craftsman in residence, Monash University.  

1982    Craftsman in residence, Indiana University, U.S.A.
              Invited to judge Ceramic Awards in New Zeland.

1984    Returned to England, continued production in Stradbroke.

1985   Commission for large candle holders for Lincoln Cathedral.  

1986   Major retrospective at The Hanley Museum, Stoke-on-Trent.

1990    Visit to New South Wales to further study the outback landscape
              influencing his work to date.

1990    Beaux Arts exhibition in Bath.

1991    Solo exhibition at the Rufford Craft Centre.

1993    Exhibtion at Gallery B15, Munich, Germany. 
1994    Exhibits work at Ceramic Arts Gallery, Vienna.

1995    Ceramic Arts Fair, Gallerie L Vienne 1995, Germany.

1996    Solo Exhibition at The Leach Legacy Exhibition, St Ives.
Robin holding a letter from Buckingham Palace with Bouverie Hoyton holding his cup and saucer, and MIchael Leach holding his bowl. 1952. © Estate of Harry Pechaul.










Rufford and Hatfield Art and Ceramic Fairs. 

Exhibition at the Bircham Gallery, Holt, Norfolk.

Major exhibition at the John Bedding Gallery, St. Ives, Cornwall.

Exhibition at Lynne Strover Gallery, Cambridge.

Beaux Arts exhibition, Bath. 

Continued annual exhibitions at Fire & Earth Ceramic Fair, Rufford and Art in Clay, Hatfield. 

Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester. 

Exhibition at Rufford, Warwickshire.
Exhibition at the Bluecoat Centre, Liverpool. 

Large retrospective exhibition at the Leach Gallery, St. Ives. 

RWC created and large exhibition at the The Leach Pottery Gallery, St. Ives.

CPA Honarary Fellow Membership Award.
  1. Raku Firing (1972)
    A video shot and edited by Nic Knowland. From the potters wheel to the kiln, this video gives a unique step by step insight into the processes behind Raku firing.
  2. Norfolk Ceramics Documentary (1996)
    An instructional video about some of the techniques and approaches Robin adopts whilst making his unique ceramics. Shot in his studio in Suffolk, made by Christina Frewing for Norfolk Contemporary Ceramics.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​1976 - Crafts Advisory Council Bursary
  • 1985 - Large Candleholders for Lincoln Cathedral
  • 1987 - Large Panel for National Westminister Bank, London. 
  • 1988 - Commission for Dame Elisabeth Frink.
  • 1989 - Purchase from Sir David Attenborough for private collection. 
  • 1990 - Planters Award for the National Garden Festival, Gateshead. 
  • 1999 - Peers Award, National Ceramic Fair. 
  • 2016 - Honorary Fellow Membership for Crafts Potters Association.   





Down below is a picture of a unique piece Robin was commissioned to make by the head office of Natwest Bank, located in London. The piece entails a roughed up and cracked surface stamped with words of various industrial entities and sectors, for example, "Insurance", "Aviation" and "Space".  
Below is a picture of a series of candleholders Robin exhibited at Lincoln Cathedral that still remain to this day. The Lincoln Cathedral labelled the works as 'The Gilbert Candels', going on to quote, "the pots made by Robin Welch are technically at the limit of that which can be achieved by a potter's wheel".